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TI Pricing Page



Sell Tickets Online

Allow your attendees to purchase tickets and register for your event online.


Sales Reports

Ticket Island provides you with detailed sales reports for all of your events.


Event Management System

Keep track of all of your events 24/7 with Ticket Island’s online event management system.


Free Events are Completely Free

0% + $0.00 per ticket

Both you and your attendees pay absolutely nothing to post and register for free events.


Ticketed Events

2% + $1.00 per ticket sold*
 *Credit Card Processing Fee of 2.9% + 30¢ applies per ticket sold.

Absolutely no hidden fees, no contracts, no setup costs, no monthly fees, no withdrawal fees and no termination fees.


Pass on fees, pay nothing

You can pass on the fees to your attendees or you can absorb the fees into your price.

Choose your terms. Net ticket sales can be paid daily, weekly, bi-weekly or after the event!

Sell out your event with Ticket Island today!