Walmart Donations Pick-Up August 2021

08/01/2021 - 08/19/2021
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM



Walmart Donations Pickup

Your organization represents the following:

1. It is an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Federal Internal Revenue Code or a recognized U.S. Indian reservation; and/or is exempt
under Section 501(c)(3); and is not a private foundation (other than an operating foundation described in Section 4942(j)(3)).

2. The goods will be used solely for the care of the ill, needy, or youth (as those terms are defined in applicable U.S. Treasury regulations).

3. The use of the goods will be related to the purpose of the organization that makes it tax-exempt.

4. The organization agrees to maintain adequate books and records of these donations as required by applicable tax regulations and to make such
records available upon request to Team-BMG and/or the Internal Revenue Service. The organization agrees to provide complete substantiation of its
distribution of all product donations to the Internal Revenue Service and Team-BMG promptly upon request.

5. You much cross out all barcodes on each item

6. Community Giving Event please list Walmart as a sponsor.

7. You must supply your (truck, van, or SUV) and volunteers for all pickups

8. You can cancel your pick-up 72 hours before the scheduled time of pickup. If you fail to cancel before the 72-hour window, then your donation is non-refundable. After 2 cancellations, you will not be able to pick up anymore.

Please note: Items are random and you may not know what’s inside the boxes. Boxes can include items that were returned back to the store with damaged or missing pieces. The store address and contact person will be listed in your confirmation email. You are required to complete a W-9 and post-pick-up survey. Further details will be listed in your confirmation email.

Tickets are no longer available for this event