Town Hall #1 with “The Davids” — Streaming Online

11:00 AM


Town Hall #1 with "The Davids" -- Streaming Online

For an arts organization, there isn’t much more important than the audience, aka YOU. ArtsEmerson is checking in with you: What’s on your mind? How can we help? Share your thoughts and deepen your connection with the artistic and executive director of ArtsEmerson — both named David — in the new series, Together Apart.

Over the years ArtsEmerson has found our friends and neighbors that make up our audience to be our strongest collaborators. From focus groups, to town halls, to being pulled aside in the theatre lobby, we shape how we do our work from what we hear from you. In this tradition, our Artistic Director David Dower and Executive Director David C. Howse are checking in to see what is on people’s minds and how an arts organization can be of service at this time.