The Princess and the Pea

02/07/2020 - 04/19/2020
10:00 AM

Marriott Theatre


"The Princess and the Pea"

Your kids may not like peas, but this lively musical spin on a classic fairy tale could be just what it takes to warm them up to the little green veggies. Just don’t be surprised if you start finding peas under mattresses and couch cushions at home — after seeing what a good time these silly nobles have on stage, the whole family will be checking to see if they’ve got royal blood.

“Hear ye, Hear ye … Prince Wellington is seeking a bride.” All the princesses in the land are lining up to be the first to pass the “Princess Test.” But the Prince has a different idea, for he has fallen in love with an ordinary young maiden who found her way to the steps of the palace. Can this common girl pass the test? Will the oh-so persnickety Queen allow her to win? Will a tiny pea and a stack of mattresses stand between her and true love? Find out in this new musical based on the classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen. This special one-hour presentation is for kids (and parents) of all ages and will be followed by a Q&A session with the cast.


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