The Mozart Effect: Live!

8:00 PM

Harris Theater for Music and Dance in Millennium Park


"The Mozart Effect: Live!"

A Symphony for the Senses. This American premiere is based on the genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and features his most popular works. The Mozart Effect: Live! takes the presentation of the live symphony orchestra to an entirely new place. Performed by the 40-piece Chicago Philharmonic symphony orchestra, conducted by Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser, accompanied by high definition large format immersive video and visual effects, The Mozart Effect: Live! is curated to stimulate the senses, inspire, and engage the deepest corners of the human psyche. Timed to the dynamics of the orchestra’s performance of Mozart’s timeless music, the visual presentation takes the audience from the farthest reaches of space, through awe-inspiring flights over mountains and into the deepest canyons, to human relationships. These visuals are married with special lighting effects and live video close-ups of the musicians and conductor. The result is a sensory-enhanced, symphonic aural and visual experience, with moments of intimate performance nuance and powerful climactic peaks. The Mozart Effect: Live!, featuring the music of the world’s most popular composer, is the perfect introduction to live orchestral music for the uninitiated, and a new adventure for the symphony enthusiast.


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