Mark Fisher Fitness Online: Fun Workout Routines at Home

12:00 AM


Online Stream 

Exercising doesn’t have to be a boring chore — especially when you’re doing it the Mark Fisher Fitness way. Stay motivated and consistent with your own at-home workout routine with these high-energy and easy-to-follow online fitness classes. MFF is all about “serious fitness for ridiculous humans,” so you know you’re going to have a blast while you break a sweat.

My Broadway Body is unique. It’s a fun, convenient and AFFORDABLE way to access the expert trainers at Mark Fisher Fitness whenever you want. Finally, you can now access the team that helps Broadway’s biggest stars transform their physique and stamina. We know training with Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC isn’t an option for many people so we wanted to give the theatre community (and performers in particular) a chance to access our best fitness secrets from anywhere in the world. Road Warrior has 50 fun, effective and easy-to-follow PDF Workouts in your pocket with done-for-you video guidance.

“Road Warrior” Workout Templates (Download Anytime) | $69
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