Jazz 101 Online Course: A Beginner’s Guide to Jazz

04/24/2020 - 05/01/2020
11:30 AM


Jazz 101 Online Course: A Beginner’s Guide to Jazz

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Join us for a virtual session of Jazz 101, an introduction to our nation’s greatest art form! In the coming weeks, we will explore different eras of jazz, learn about the artists, and discuss what to listen for in the different forms of the music. You will learn about some of the musical features we encounter when listening to jazz, learn more about the roles of each musician in a band, and dive into how musicians approach improvisation. We’ll help you develop your ears to hear the many details and intricacies that make this music so endlessly fascinating. This course is designed for people of all experience levels, and beginners are encouraged! All Jazz 101 sessions taught by Seton Hawkins, Director of Education Resources and Public Programming at Jazz at Lincoln Center.