graveyard shift

02/07/2020 - 02/21/2020
8:00 PM

Goodman Theatre - The Owen


"graveyard shift"

New Drama Inspired by the Legacy of Sandra Bland

A small-town cop, a woman of color trying to start a new life in a new town and the life-changing result of an imbalance of power are at the heart of graveyard shift. If it’s a story that sounds like it could be ripped from today’s headlines, that’s because it was written in reaction to the tragic death of Sandra Bland in 2015.

“Our new life starts tomorrow.” – Kane, Scene VI. Janelle, poised to reap the fruits of her labor, relocates from Illinois to Texas in order to give love a chance. Meanwhile, a small-town police officer wrestles with the harsh realities of change. When their worlds collide, both are forced to confront the consequences of an imbalance of power. Inspired by the legacy of Sandra Bland, graveyard shift is an unflinching, open-hearted experience rooted in navigating a world full of fear.