Consent & Justice in Spoken Word

01/30/2020 - 02/23/2020
8:00 PM

Greenhouse Theater Center


"Spoken Word"

Words have extraordinary power, especially in the charged world of Spoken Word. In the aftermath of a sexual encounter gone wrong, pressure builds among two students, a college campus and the surrounding community. This volatile and topical drama hurtles toward a breaking point at Greenhouse Theater Center in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park.

Resonant with Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, Spoken Word takes place in a small community dominated by hearsay, fear, outrage and over-reaching authority figures. On the isolated campus of a Midwest university, sex, race and gender collide in an epic culture war. At the center of this genre-bending drama are two undergrads — one Persian, the other black — trying to navigate their conflicted feelings, while social loyalties, family obligations and administrative pressures encroach on their privacy with an oppressive need to know everything about their sexual encounter gone wrong. In Spoken Word everyone will have their say, and it all turns on a single word — never spoken.


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