Brain Academy Online Subscription

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Brain Academy Online Subscription

Isaac Newton made his biggest discoveries (including gravity) while self-isolating during the plague. Most of us won’t make revolutionary breakthroughs, but we all can learn about science while staying home. A Brain Academy subscription lets you dive deep into the wonders of the mind and who knows what you’ll find there?

At the Brain Academy, we’re completely fascinated by the human mind. And if you share that passion, you came to the right place. We’re in the best time ever to study the human mind. This is the next big human adventure. The next big exploration. We’re not shooting for the stars. No, this time, we’re going inside ourselves. Across all disciplines breakthroughs are happening at an ever increasing rate. There’s a broader and deeper emerging understanding of who we are, our human nature. And from where we are looking, here at the Brain Academy, we do like what we see. Far from being a cold, mechanical and materialistic view of nature, it really is a new humanism that is emerging. And that is exactly what we want to share with you: access over 300 videos, hundreds of articles, blogs and links; gain insights on how your brain works without technical jargon or obscure scientific terms; Backed by independent scientific research. This is Brain Science accessible to all. Apply the tips and lessons to your own life and experience for yourself how a better brain transforms your life.