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1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

My Block, My Hood, My City


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Hosted by My Block, My Hood, My City

We want to decorate MLK Drive with holiday lights this holiday season! There’s a lot to buy to make this happen including extension cords, ladders, and of course the lights! Each tree lighting event will include hot cocoa, coffee, food and drink donations from local businesses, holiday music and lots of positive energy. We have a lot of ground to cover (4.5 miles) so this mission will be spread out over 4 events.

December 1st – 68th to 79th

December 8th – 79th to 87th

December 9th – 51st to 67th

December 15th – 87th to 95th

We need your donations! Visit to donate towards M3 programs, buy christmas lights for the event, or get a Holiday Hoodie!

If you live on King Dr. sign up to receive lights at

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