Annie: A Long Way From Home “A New Musical”

12/14/2019 - 12/21/2019
3:00 PM

AFC Multi-Cultural Theater Company


Annie: A Long Way From Home" A New Musical"

Annie is a musical show about a young girl who stayed strong in her beliefs that the impossible can and will happen for her. She battles through foster care knowing her situation will change for the better if her attitude is positive.

Annie is a sweet pre-teen girl who has seen hard times in her short life. She lives in a group home and desperately wants to find her parents, who she believes is still alive and are looking for her. She has faith to believe that they will comeback for her one day even though everyone else tells her that it is a hopeless situation. She is a leader who is loving and looks out for her friends but is also spunky and will fight if provoke! As she goes on a quest to find her parents she finds much more than she bargains for! The show teaches about loyalty, love and hope as you go on this journey with Annie.


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