A Celebration of Maya Angelou’s Poetry — Virtual Theatrical Viewing

12:00 AM


"An Evening With the Bard" -- Virtual Theatrical Viewing

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Bring a little bit of poetic inspiration home with this virtual viewing of “An Evening With the Bard”, a celebration of Dr. Maya Angelou that weaves together more than a dozen of her most iconic poems through acting, singing and dance. Fulfillment Theatre Company’s cast seamlessly unites these works in a show that’s great for both long-time admirers of her work and those new to its beauty and power.

Def: /bärd/ noun ARCHAIC•LITERARY / a poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular oral tradition. ​The name most synonymous with the term “Bard” is William Shakespeare, however, tonight we celebrate the Bard of our time. The one known wondrously as Dr. Maya Angelou! Don’t miss the virtual viewing of this poetically staged work; artfully weaving together several of her poetic masterpieces through various mediums of artistic expression.

Stream Any Time Through August 31, 2020 | $6