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01/20/2021 JR: Emailed a meeting link to the candidate for an interview.

01/20/2021 JR: Candidate scheduled interview for 01/21/2021 @ 11:00 AM.

01/21/2021 JR: Candidate did a no call, no show to interview. I called the candidate @ 11:05 AM and LVM.

01/21/2021 JR: Received an email from the Candidate who could not access the meeting as she attempted to access it at 11:27 AM. I advised the candidate that she was late and to reschedule. The candidate rescheduled for 4 PM today.

01/21/2021 JR: Candidate did another no call, no show to interview. This time I stayed on zoom for the full duration of the meeting.

James Rollins
In 2015, James Rollins founded Ticket Island, Inc. with a vision to bring everyone together one event at a time.

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